Certain artists won't load, but if I look up their albums, they're all there

I am discovering artists, that when I click on thier name, (either through their icon in my library or vis search, I get an indefinite spinning wheel, and it won’t open. However, if I search one of their albums, not only is that album there, but so is their whole catalogue and bio.



@lancestern, could you provide an example or two? Has scanning your library been completed?

A) two artists that aren’t loading:

  1. Dead can dance
  2. Frank Zappa

B) I do delieve the scanning of my hard drive (drobo) and up loading was complete.

Thanks for your help.


I’m surprised that I have not had a follow up to this issue for almost 3 weeks. I have found another artist that will not load; George Duke, and the issue continues with Dead Can Dance and Frank Zappa. I can only assume that I will find others as I continue to explore my library on Roon.

I would appreciate if someone would help me get to the bottom of this issue.



Apologies I’ve not come back sooner, I’d overlooked your query. I have a number of Zappa and DCD albums showing up correctly in Roon on my side so it’s unlikely to be a Roon issue. Have you checked folder and file permissions on your DROBO to ensure that their folders are accessible to the network share you’re using? Every time I’ve had an issue with an album I know I have not showing up in Roon it’s been as a result of file permissions causing Roon to have no access to the folders in question.

Thanks I’ll check that. However, I can find the album, they are there. The issue is on artist look up. If I select Frank Z, Dead Can Dance or George Duke from the artist selection, I just get a spinning wheel, that never stops. If i look for any individual album, they are all there and the other albums from that arts are also displayed as they would with any other album for an artist with multiple albums. Also, if I click on the artist name (in blue) on the top of the album page just under the title, I get the same lock out…

Thanks again.


What you just described sounds like a bug, not a folder/ file permissions issue. @mike @vova should be able to assist with looking into it.

Hey @lancestern – looks like we missed this leading up to our release just before the holidays. Thanks for following up, and sorry for the delay.

@vova is going to reach out via PM and grab some logs from you so we can look into this. In the meantime, it would be great if you could provide some more information about your setup.