Certain Frank Sinatra Qobuz Tracks Won't Play in Roon [Resolved]

I’ve found that the exact same symptoms occur when playing this album streamed from Qobuz in Roon.

@support - any ideas what is happening here?


No idea at all but I bought the album from Qobuz?

I have no problem streaming from Qobuz or when I use BluOS own app or Foobar2000 on Windows from mu NAS. Most peculiar of it all - no problem with Roon ARC…

Interesting - and a useful bit of data for the Support team.

As I understand it, Roon ARC will receive Qobuz streams direct from Qobuz - they are not routed through the Roon Core, so perhaps that explains why ARC works…

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@Kent_Soderling are you playing the album in ARC directly from Qobuz (streaming) or did you use ARC to download the purchased files from your Rock/NAS to the phone and are playing the downloaded files in ARC?

Might be interesting to try both scenarios to see if there is a difference

I play from Synology Nas via Roon core to Roon ARC

Tried streaming from Qobuz via my Roon core and I get the same problem as I have playing my downloaded version. So it’s both me and Geoff…

But both versions (from Qobuz and NAS) works fine using ARC on my phone…

I can confirm playing on Roon Rock with the 192/24 “Deluxe Edition” streaming version in Qobuz: #9, She Says, plays for me for a few seconds, then skips. #10, The Train, does not play at all

The Qobuz 96/24 and 44.1/16 Deluxe version plays fine. So does the Tidal “FLAC 48 kHz 24 Bit, MQA 192 kHz” (not using an MQA DAC)

Hi everyone,

These reports would suggest there’s an issue in Roon’s handling of this particular track from Qobuz. We’ll pull the track ID and investigate more deeply what’s happening in Roon when this track is requested from Qobuz’s servers.

@Geoff_Coupe, you’re correct that playback of the Qobuz content through ARC wouldn’t be routed through the Core, just the Qobuz authorizations. There’s likely something included in the Qobuz file that is triggering Roon to see the track as unavailable.

@Kent_Soderling, we likely won’t need any specific diagnostics from your device as this issue appears universal, but if you don’t mind, would you bring your Core online at some point this week to trigger an automatic diagnostic pull? We’ve enabled one for your account.

I’ll post more information here once we’ve investigated. Thanks!

Ok no problem. It’s always on so just give me instructions how to.

Roon Labs will pull the logs remotely. You don’t have to do anything - just leave the Core running.

Ok, thank you

Hi everyone,

We’ve escalated this issue and put in a ticket for development. Certain Qobuz tracks - including the two on the Frank Sinatra Watertown [Super Deluxe/2022 Mix] album reported here - are decoding incorrectly in Roon and causing playback issues. We’re working with Qobuz to determine the source of the error, but by all indications, it’s an issue specific to Roon and Roon Remote, and not the files from Qobuz themselves.

I don’t have an immediate timeline for a fix but we’ve identified the problem and prioritized it.

Current workaround: The affected Qobuz tracks will play back without issue in ARC, although of course without Zone functionality.
Note that you may need to adjust your file quality settings to make sure ARC doesn’t prioritize CD Quality if you are outside the home (default settings on 4G/5G for cellular data efficiency in ARC).

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to reopen this thread and reach out to let you know that the team continues to make progress on a fix for the long-standing underlying transcoding issue here; we should have the solution merged in one of the next few releases. We’ll reach out again once we have a firm timeline. Thank you!

Hi @Kent_Soderling, @Suedkiez,

We’ve merged a fix for the underpinning encoder issue that was preventing certain Qobuz tracks in 192/24 format from playing in Roon.

Please give the affected tracks (Frank Sinatra, Watertown [2022 Mix], “She Says”) a spin and let us know if you have any issues. We’ll keep a close eye on this thread for your response. Thank you!

Thanks, works for me (B1207 earlyaccess)

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No problem, works like it should. Thank you

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Thank you for the update! I’ve changed the thread title accordingly - please let us know if these tracks act up again. The thread will remain open for a few days, just in case.

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