Certification "Roon Ready" for Aavik streamers

Hi there at Roon,

I know that the Aavik streamers already are in the certification process to get “Roon Ready”. How long will it take until the Aavik streamers are released so that I can use it as a device?

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there are lots of posts on this forum asking for Roon ready status of various devices. The answer is always (almost) the same: Roon does not give information on the subject. When a device is ready the info usually turns up from the manufacturer. Roon also has a partners page on their web detailing the same.
Did you check with Aavik? What is their response?

Thanks for the feedback. The statement is not satisfactory, but OK.

Perhaps this post from Danny might give some insight into the factors involved in certification…

Nearly all of the Roon Ready work is done by the manufacturer of the gear. We only test/certify it so they don’t release half-baked implementations.

You need to check with Aavik.

Hello Danny

Thank you for the quick reply. I had a parallel request to Aavik.

Dear Harald

Thank you for your mail and for using our Aavik S-180 streamer. Getting the Roon approval has proven to be a long-term proces. However, we now trust that we are on the homestretch and again only waiting to get an answer or the final approval from Roon.

There the status sounds exactly the other way around. Would it not be in the interest of the customers to come to a consensus here.

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This is one of the examples where the closed process of Roon certification fails.
Roon does not say anything about devices being certified and the manufacturer hides behind Roon.
The end of the song is that the customer of Roon and the equipment in “certification” is left in the dark.
This leaves the Roon user aka customer with a bad taste in the mouth blaming both Roon and the manufacturer.

Maybe an “under certification” page with interactions from both Roon and the manufacturer can solve this issue, milestones made visible.
Albeit, this is only better for the customer, the other parts will be showing where the problem lies, and that is maybe what they do not want.

It fails in this regard only if you fall into the trap that certification is something that is owed to you.

Never ever buy something based on the promise of support of something in the future.

If it’s not Roon Ready, do not buy it if you need Roon Ready. No matter what the manufacturer or we say, absolutely do not buy anything from anyone, including us, based on a future promise. There are too many good products out there to be chasing holes and wishes.

This is unfortunately true. I’m not sure our bizdev team will agree, but I will propose making it a requirement that manufacturers not talk about Roon Ready status until they are certified. It’s just too much temptation for them to attract sales on a promise.

We’ve seen manufacturers go out of business in the middle of their certification process with users left screwed. Do not buy promises.

In the case of Aavik, unfortunately, it is not so simple. The manufacturer has not only advertised with Roon ready, but in the Roon Control is also already the RAAT SDK version in Aavik to see.

According to the manufacturer, Aavik is Roon Ready from your point of view, only that the certification is not yet completed. Since this status has been the same for 4 months now, I thought that Roon could make a statement about when the certification process can be expected to be completed.

Instead, you only get striking basic statements, according to the motto “just no details”.

Did Roon have the units listed on their Partners’ Page as Roon Ready? NO! The manufacture falsely advertised it as Roon Ready. That is 100% on the Manufacture. Roon can not control their advertising. And, Roon can not give accurate timeframes on when a unit passes the tests. They do not know if a unit is going to pass or fail the certification test. If it fails, Roon will let the manufacture know, then they need to fix whatever made it fail. That might take a week, a month, maybe a year. Roon can’t know this. They do not have a crystal ball. Danny sure as heck wishes they did, but they don’t. I truly sympathize with you, but Roon is in no way the villian.

“villian” is perhaps a bit of an overused phrase. It would be desirable for customers in general to have a somewhat more transparent way of designing such a certification process in the future. It would surely also be in the sense of Roon, if a customer could see for himself, who has placed an active certification process at Roon and who just has the ball in his court and does not get going.

The only thing the customer needs to know is if the unit in question has or has not passed testing by Roon, and if it has, is it Roon Ready or Roon Tested. That is on the Roon Partners page in black and white for all the world to see. Everything else is totally immaterial. As @danny made perfectly clear, if being Roon Ready / Tested matters to you, and it isn’t listed as such on the Partner’s page, DO NOT BUY IT!! If it isn’t listed, something may happen that prevents it from ever being listed. Whether they have the unit of not, whether it’s being tested or not, none of that should matter to a customer, as it has no bearing on if it will make it on that page or not. When it is time for a unit to be listed, it will be in a very timely manner.

I have understood it now. You don’t have to ride the same wave forever.

I’m back from a business trip and am just delighted to find that my Aavik streamer is now Roon Ready.
Thanks to all involved of the Roon team, that the last way to the goal of certification is now done.