Certon integrita c4

Iam new here and my English isn’t the best. Is it possible to install roon on a certon integrita c4? I don’t want to buy new hardware and i also don’t want have a pc always running.
(Technische Daten CPU 1 x Quad-Core Prozessor (2GHz) Arbeitsspeicher 1 x 4GB DDR3 (Aufrüstbar auf 2x8GB) SODIMM Festplatten 4 x 2,5" Festplatten mit 2 Jahren Garantie Festplatten-Halterung 4 x schwebende Aufhängung Netzwerkanschluss 1 x 1GBit/s RJ45 LAN USB Anschluss 2 x USB 3.0 Rückseite Schalter Power)
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If you can gain access to the operating system via SSH then it is possible to install Roon Server. However it may be sensible to approach Certon and ask them to do it. However note that this server may only be powerful enough to run Roon without heavy DSP or convolution.

Thanks a lot. The problem is, this company doesn’t exist any more and iam not really an IT expert. This Roon software needs so much processing power? I dont want something like a normal desktop PC. I need something that looks like a hifi component. This certon was really expensive. Almost 2000 euro.

To simply run Roon you don’t need the power, but people like to do DSP and work to multiple end points. That needs the extra power. A large music library would require more memory. As the C4 has a conventional micro ATX board you could update the internals and run whatever you wanted on it. It would no longer be a Certon C4 but it would do what you needed it to do and look just the same.

I don’t have a so big library. 700 CDs. So there is enough space free.There are only the specifications i sent.I think i will open it and look. I don’t have warranty anymore. Maybe i will ask a friend if he can help me. Thanks a lot for this fast answers. If i have more questions i will write you.
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Hi Andreas_Brendel,
I’m in same boat as you, have an Integrita-C4 I want to unlock to try run Roon.

  • Have you been able to unlock it and get access and login to the Linux on it?
  • Does Roon run OK on it?

I’ve gotten as far as can access Grub bootloader, but found no way to boot into Linux and bypass the admin login.

Also able to access the BIOS and seems i can change it to boot from a USB-2 memory stick. But think the iso-image on my USB may not be good, because the Integrita complains “BOOTMGR is missing”.

But if someone out there has the Linux admin login credentials (username and password) all of this is not needed. Anyone has it?

Regards Hans