Change behaviour of search result toggle 'only show my library'

As I type this, a search for ‘Norah Jones’ took almost exactly one minute to present results from local library and Qobuz. When I disable Qobuz, I get instantaneous results from my local library.

If the toggle, which is currently only presented after result results are shown, is made available before the search is executed (with the effect of executing a local search exactly as if streaming services are disabled) this would seem much more satisfactory, especially when there are issues with performance of Qobuz or Tidal searches. The toggle could be relabeled ‘only search my local library’ or something akin.

It would at the very least alleviate the need for disabling Qobuz to get any joy out of local searches in situations like this.

I feel it is really irritating that performance issues with / relating to streaming service searches negatively affect navigation of the local collection.

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Changes to the software to accommodate slow searches are hopefully going to feel less necessary as underlying performance improves. Neither Roon nor Qobuz can be happy with the current performance you and others have experienced and there are efforts underway to fix it.

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Sure, that makes perfect sense. I do hope - and believe - Roon will manage to make these performance improvements fairly soon.

Still, I imagine that the performance of searches that cover Qobuz or Tidal can also be negively impacted by factors completely outside Roon’s (or streaming services’) control - e.g. temporary issues with my own connection speed. Also, sometimes I really want to search just my local collection - in which case it seems somewhat pointless to do an inclusive search first, and only then allow to filter for local results only.

But yes, if pretty much 24/7 searches with Qobuz included are as lightning fast as they used to be with just a local library, these would for me just be minor things. When things work as intended, Roon is fantastic.

Search has been exceedingly slow today in particular - West coast California and Arizona, at least.

Same here in UK. Gave up waiting (after about 2 minutes) and scrolled through artists - glad I was only going to ‘E’!

If you are using Search as a way of navigating your library, in situations where you know the artist or album name, I would recommend using the album browser and the “funnel” filter. Its response is immediate, keystroke by keystroke. You get a visual result set, sorted by your chosen sort order. And note that this applies to all the content of your library, not just your hard drive but Tidal and Qobuz albums you have added to the library. I use this all the time, it’s a favorite navigation tool.

Search has a different purpose, much broader.

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