Change boot order in BIOS sonicTransporter


My sonicTransporter keeps trying to reboot from my external music drive. Every now and then you have to reboot like after an update of HQPlayer. I get around this problem by removing the external drive during the reboot and then mounting it again after the reboot. That always worked well. Unfortunately, a new problem has emerged. The mounting has become more and more difficult the last times. The disc is recognized increasingly poorly. Other drives that I am trying to mount also have the same problem. Last time it took me more than 5 minutes. It seems like a coincidence that it succeeds. Now I am afraid that if I have to mount again after a reboot, it will take much longer or that the function will even fail and I will no longer be able to connect an external drive.
The only solution is that I adjust the boot order in the BIOS of the sT. Because the sT is headless and I don’t know the BIOS with its commands, I ask for help here. Is there anyone with experience who has done this before and would like to help me?

Greetings, Bert Dijkstra.

Hi Bert,

Have you asked SonicTransporter support? It seems to me that they would be the best positioned to answer your questions. I’m not sure how you are going to do this without hooking that machine up to a Key/Monitor.

Hello Daniel,

Of course I did. I can show you the literal answers they gave me so you can judge that they would be the best positioned to answer my questions. But I don’t know if it is allowed on this site.

Greetings, Bert