Change core to WD Cloud EX2 Ultra


I would like to move my core on my Mac Book Air to my NAS “WD” Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I downloaded the Roon server on to my NAS and non open before having instructions. Have to move my library to, at the and of all I would like to get my music from NAS by the app Roon on my tablet or my phone.

Before you go too far on this, you should check to see if Roon will run on that NAS. I understand the WD Cloud ex2ultra runs an Armada 385 processor. The last I knew, the ARMv7 CPU on that chip is not supported by Roon, as it doesn’t have the power to handle it. The Mac Book Airs run Intel processors, which are supported.
I’m not a real ‘computer guy’ so don’t take my comment as the last word on this, only a word of caution.

Hi @Michel_Gagnon,

I definitely recommend checking out this article:

Officially, only Asustor, QNAP, and Synology NAS devices that meet our requirements are supported. I’m not sure how things will work with this device and it’s not really something we test or support. It may be better to continue using your MacBook as your Core machine and just use the NAS as a storage device for your media.

Hi for more info the processor on my nas is dual-core marvel armada 1.3ghz A9 with 1 go memory.

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