How can I change the DATE ADDED field for local files? I had to re-build my iTunes library and now all my local files are shown as added on the same date, and I’d like to change that. I see the DATE ADDED field in the metadata tab, but cannot find a way to edit. Thanks!

See - section: Import Dates.

Also, you can set the Import Date within Roon via Edit Tracks (for instance after selecting a couple of tracks in the Track Browser).

Thank you for your reply. I am looking for a way to batch edit the import date to an arbitrary date I pick, not to the file created or modified dates. I see that options for tracks, but not for albums. If I had to do that using track edit for dozens of albums it becomes unfeasible. Can I pick my date for an entire album? Thank you.

Well, if you’d use an external tagging app, this would make things easier:

Inside Roon, in the track browser - you can select a couple of hundred tracks (= multiple albums) at once and change their import date in one go. I haven’t checked how many tracks you can select in one go but 950 seem to work. Maybe 1000 is the limit - but I’m not patient enough to check this out right now.

Thanks, that worked.