Change email address Qobuz and Roon

I’m in the process of changing (gmail) email addresses to my own domain email address. I’m a little concerned about what will happen if I change the email address connected to my account in:

  • Qobuz: this probably means I need to log out of Qobuz in Roon, then log back in with the new account email address. What happens to my library? Will everything still be intact? If not, what’s the correct procedure to keep things intact?

  • Roon: probably needs a log out and log in with changed Roon account email address…? What happens to the library?

I’ve tagged the @accounts team to answer the Roon account question. I think that the database is tied to the account not the account’s email address, so that the email of the account can be changed without detriment to the database.


Hey @Chris_Roon,

Thanks for checking in with us before making changes to the account — yours are truly valid questions.

As @Rugby has said (thanks a lot for tagging us and chiming in), when it comes to your Roon account, you can change the email address on it as many times as you want. Your database is account specific, not email address specific. If you still have access to the current email address associated with your Roon account, you should be able to update it from your account page, under account information.

As far as Qobuz goes, you will need to reenable Qobuz in Roon. When you do so, everything will sync again automatically.

It might be worth checking with Qobuz themselves to see how changing your email address on the account might impact it, but as far as Roon is concerned, it will show the current state of your Qobuz account.


Thank you, it all went fine.

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