Change from QNAP TS-469 pro

HI all,

im looking for some advice, I had successfully installed and run roon on my current QNAP TS-469 pro despite it not meeting the recommended specifications.
I am waiting to receive a new meridian 218 to stream music with, and thought it a good time to change the QNAP, now the recommended NAS is the TS-471 but that would be £800+ with no disks.
Is there a cheaper alternative to the NAS and is this the better solution to say a NUC.
I also stream movies via plex and photos to smart TV’s, so I need to be able to store movies and photos which is about 2TB+ 1TB music.

IMHO going the NAS route for storage is the place where it should be…While Roon can and does perform OK in some NAS boxes I am a firm believer in a dedicated platform for the core - I use Windows, but would be OK with MAC too, or will perhaps move to NUC when its finalised hardware wise.

I’m not up with the QNAP ecosystem but most NAS brands can have a drive set move to a new hardware and just pick up where its left off. I’m sure you could try it but of course backup everything (as you should be anyway) to an external drive before to be sure you can recover.

SSD for database if you don’t have one already is a MUST HAVE

thanks for your feedback, I have considered getting a tower pc through work and putting 2 extra hdd in it for the storage, and an ssd as the boot drive. it would be i3 based and upgradeable to i7 with plenty of RAM.
I have external backup anyway so have the fall back.

If I was in your situation with a working setup currently I would wait for the ROCK to be finalised and look at that. You don’t say how big your library (tracks/albums) is or if you plan to upsample to DSD etc either.

whats the ROCK?
I cant remember album scale but tracks are around 31,000, as ill be using the new meridian device it caters for MQA which I will try out. all tracks will be flac.

so I have changed my NAS for a PC, which is running Intel i5 with 8GB RAM and a SSD as the main drive and a 4GB second drive to store all the music.
it all works well and I also run Plex for movies and that is also very quick to access.

can someone advise if I need Roon server and Core or just one of them.
The audio endpoint will be a meridian 218 when they start shipping them, and I will control with ipad/android

Roon Server is a headless version of Roon, both have core functions.
If you want to control Roon from the pc use Roon, if not use RoonServer.


so I can remove the server part.