Change How The Go To Another Topic List Works

When I started using this forum about four months ago the Go To Another Topic List link


at the top right of the page ( the “Hamburger” icon ) brought up a list of all the forum categories in two columns and showed the number of new posts in each category. For the last couple of weeks it has only shown a few categories like this


which is not as convenient. While there is an option to show all categories the format they are shown in is problematic since it does not show the number of new posts for each category and is especially frustrating on a tablet using touch control.

Is there an option I’m not aware of to change how this works for me? If not, did you guys change this and if so could you change it back?

Thanks … Tim

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I think this is as a result of a change in the server hosting the board. perhaps not something Roon can do much about but I agree it should be user optional ideally.

sorting of the old format was also a bit of an issue too


I too preferred the older format. Still it is not a major issue.

All ---- Thank you for your feedback and insight. Very appreciated!

While I am not certain how much we can do to help here I have placed a feedback request with the team to see if there is anything we can do on our side. Once the request has been fulfilled I will be sure to update this thread accordingly.

Many thanks!