Change in processing description

Hello Roon,

Noticed the following yesterday that after installing software updated on Nuc/Rock, iPhone, iPad and Mac Book Air. My hardware chain is:

Roon Rock wired to router
Router streaming to Chromecast Audio
CCA with optical link to Digital pre-amp/dac

I have set DSP off. The volume is set to fix and it’s set at 100%. But I have noticed that the volume DSP description on the stream chain is not has it used to be. In the past it was described as Passthrough. Now is like this:

Iphone and Ipad:


On the latest the message is as previously (but if I remember well, it used to be with capital letter).

Has anything changed, or is something been messed-up in my setup due to changes in Roon iOS and MacOs apps?

Thank you.


Mines the same just checked. Nothings been altered device volume is set to Fixed volume as is the Chromecast.

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Hello @Pedro & @CrystalGipsy,

Could you try power cycling (pull power + wait 30 seconds + plug power back in) the Chromecast Audio?


Hi @john,

I have done what you requested, twice. Also restarted NUC Rock and the iPhone itself, and nothing changed

Thank you

Same here no difference.

Hello @john,

Could you please advise if you have managed to identified the reason for this behavior? It seems it’s not specific to my setup and I am not sure if there are other issues raised from this.

Thank you

Hello @Pedro,

We’re have some reports of users seeing this issue, but it appears to be intermittent. We’re investigating further, I have filled a ticket with the dev team to follow up on the reports.


Hi @john,

Thank you for the answer. In my case is permanent. I keep verifying it, and it’s always the same behaviour. Ipad and iphone with 0 gain, Mac Book saying passthrough.