Change in WORK/PART behavior with roon 1.4

Maybe my memory is failing but I thought that prior to 1.4 roon would group multi part compositions by WORK/PART if it found the tags regardless if the album was identified or unidentified. I used to use this feature a lot where roon had identified the album but was just messing up the indentation of multi-part compositions and needed some manual intervention.

Now, roon only seems to be recognising WORK/PART if I un-identify the album. Have I remembered right and roon behavior has changed in 1.4 or is my memory playing tricks on me?

There’s an album level setting for this: album > edit > edit album > Multi-Part Composition Grouping

You’ll need to set it to prefer file data if you want that metadata to take precedence.

Thanks @mike. That’s done it. I was looking for a setting but it didn’t occur to me to look there. I thought that it would be a global on/off meta data setting that could be over written on an album by album basis, also in the meta-data section.

Are there any plans to change that behaviour? The existing logic is counter-intuitive to me at least but maybe there were reasons I don’t understand it was done the way it was.

@mike, I was a little bit hasty there.

It worked for a single album but then I tried a box set and it didn’t. CD 22 of the harmonia mundi Cornerstones of Sacred Music is the Mozart requiem. I preferred file meta data and then tried to set multi-part grouping. I was surprised that the options are at a box level not a CD level. Unlike the single album, with a box set roon has not calculated the performances for file data:

So, I still end up with a messy Requiem: