Change 'Next' song in radio mode

I enjoy letting radio take me on a journey, but sometimes I know I don’t want to hear the next song chosen. Is there a way to advance the ‘next’ track before it plays in this mode?

Yes, absolutely! Open up the Queue by clicking the name of the currently playing song in the bottom bar, or just click the Queue icon

Here you’ll find the Radio widget (pictured below). When Radio is active, you can always see what’s coming up next, and if you don’t like it? Just press the thumbs down button. If you like what’s coming up next, press the thumbs up button and it will get added to the Queue. This is a great way to build up your Queue, hope you enjoy it!

Does this mean that you’ll play the track again? This is what I’ve just found (accidentally) as radio shouldn’t normally play a track twice.

Nope, that’s just a bug that we’re going to fix soon. Radio often picks some of the same songs, so we’re working on fine tuning it! We have a lot of great plans for Radio in the future.

Ah, Thanks. I was hesitant to hit the thumbs down as I didn’t want the Thumbs down to persist forever on the file, just for that listening.

Guess I need to re-train the brain