Change of images size

Hi Guys. Do you know how I can make the icons look bigger? Is this possible?

Which icons , do you mean the album thumbnail, if so the answer is no …

. Yes. these I mean. Thanks so much for the reply Mike …

The size of album art is not adjustable unfortunately

I would be very happy if the roon team saw this.
I understand that the roon application is mainly used by mobile phones, tablets, pc, but there are many users as I have that I also use the tv as a monitor with the nuc that I have under it.
The distance of 3m does not help in the easy reading of the albums.

It would be great if I could choose to enlarge …

Depends. In Settings - General, there’s an option to allow for “More covers and photos”. A yes makes the covers and photos smaller and shows more. A no makes them bigger and shows less. If you already have this set to No, then changing it won’t help.