Change of library/import setting

Good morning,

In an attempt to address Roons trouble with identifying my music I changed a library setting from Roon to File info.
for the past 8 days Roon just seems stuck analyzing my library…the progress bar has not budged.

believe this is compromising my overall resources to allow Roon to do its thing (lots of spinning delay wheels when looking around in Roon)

wondering if it’s stuck or how to stop it.

thank you

Hi @thomas_clark1,

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your Core machine? Is there any change upon doing so?

Thanks for your reply but now I have bigger worries…changed to a new network…ROON doesnt see any of my devices…NAS on a different Subnet…it’s a big mess…im in a world of hurt…

but thanks again for the help

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