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Description Of Issue

I moved my music lib to a new HDD.

After the scan of the new HDD I see my Roon playlists, but the content, musicfiles, are shown as not available.

What can I do to change the path in total for all included songs?

Thanks and greetings from Bavaria

Did you follow the instructions here?

There are a number of problems that can come up if you move your collection without following those instructions, because Roon will now be tracking every file in your library in multiple locations, and the app is basically going to understand the new location as new files.

If you moved your files without following those instructions, my advice would be to restore a backup from before the move and go through the proper steps.

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I don’t create playlists in Roon, so may be wrong here. But if Roon creates *.m3u or something equivalent in terms of playlist files, these are text files. So one can do a simple edit within the text file (the *.m3u file) to fix file locations.

For example, assume the following:


Just do a find and replace in the *.m3u playlist files and replace “C:\music” with “F:\RoonMusic”

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