Change Playlist Display Format (View As Albums or Artists)?

Apologies if this question exists elsewhere in the forums; my searches weren’t fruitful. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to change the Playlist display format? Most of my playlists are album-oriented rather than track-oriented so I’d love to see the playlists display/group the tracks on albums together. The View -> View As -> Albums options in iTunes, or even View As -> Artists to group all tracks as albums and albums per artist.

Does this exist? If not is it a common feature request?


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It doesn’t exist. There are many requests for more love to be given to playlists.

Thx, I posted an official feature request for this feature.


To follow up on my own post…I was able to find an elegant way around this issue. For album-oriented playlists, rather than stick to playlists in Roon (as I used to use in iTunes), I’ve moved over to Album tags. So while I used to have a playlist for “Favorite Albums” that contained a few hundred albums, I added a “Fav” tag to all of those albums and now access them from the standard album view in Roon. Love this. A different way to think about it for sure, but better result as it keeps everything focused on albums and allows me to browse those albums through the standard album view which I like.

Just sharing as a new user getting used to a better life in Roon vs iTunes. :grin:

Nice, so potentially you have a Tag for each album playlist you want?

Yep, that’s what had to do. It took a while to scroll through the entire playlist, click on each album, add the tag, then go back to the playlist and do the next one, repeat. But it was worth it IMO. And if nothing else it got me thinking about looking at my library without iTunes goggles. :smile:

One of the first things I did was create a bunch of bookmarks for my most searched criteria, such as live, >16/44, soundtracks, etc. So now I’m not sure which I like better – bookmarks or tags – but that’ll just be something to play around with over time.

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