Change release but not change in data? [Resolved]

Because if I change the release of an album in the identification, data do not change?
See this example:
I have this CD with release date 18 May 1999:

I make the album identification and I find my release that have the date of 26 Aug 2013 and I select this release:

I save this selection but the release date does not change

Hi @Flavio61 ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

We will be investigating this issue and discussing with our developers to verify what could be causing this to happen. I will follow back up with you once we have some feedback. We appreciate your patience!


Thank’s Eric

Hi @Flavio61 ----- Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the slow response here. I wanted to touch base with you because we have been able to reproduce this behavior in house and a ticket has been issued to our developers to investigate further. Once I have some more feedback on this issue I will be sure to follow back up with you immediately.


Hi @Flavio61 ---- Wanted to follow up with you and see how the upgrade to 1.3 went. Has the behavior reported here improved since the update? Let me know. Thanks!


Yes. Solved on 1.3.

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