Change song version in playlist from Tidal to Qobuz

roon version 1.7 (build 571)


Convert Tidal versions of all songs in playlist to Qobuz versions


how to use the interface


I’m subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz streaming services.

As Qobuz was recently added most of the tracks in my playlists are using the Tidal stream.

On my system Qobuz just sounds better, so i want to convert my playlist songs to their Qobuz versions
Is there an easy way to make a streaming service preferred and convert all the songs in all playlist to a new streaming service e.g Qobuz ?

or do i need to do it manually for each individual song ?


I agree that Qobuz sounds better than Tidal. I’ve been also working on my Playlists, and also wish there was an easy way to do it. I also wish that Playlist editing in general was far more complete and powerful. I often listen to a playlist and think “that song better belongs in a different playlist”. How nice it would be to click on the three dots, then “edit”, then “move to Playlist” then type the playlist you want to move it to, click Save, then voila, the song is in the new Playlist and removed from this one. And many more functions are needed in the Playlist edit capabilities. And the ability to change a track, album, artist, or whatever from Tidal to Qubuz, or vice versa, would be very high on my wishlist.

Hello @a_de_jong, and welcome to the community! Have you tried soundiiz?

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