Change the Genre?

Hi y’all,

sorry if the topic has already been discussed before, but I didn’t really find an answer.
When I parse my library by “Genre”, and let’s say I choose “Classical”, Roon suggests me artists like Maria Callas, The Berlin Philarmoniker Orchestra, or composers like Mozart, etc. But more surprisingly Roon also suggests Billie Holiday and Quincy Jones…
I took a look at the tags attached to those 2 artists, and there wasn’t any classical related, only something like “classic-jazz”. But If I’m not wrong, in English there’s a difference between “classic” and “classical” (which we don’t have in French). So I didn’t find any means to correct that by myself…
Would somebody have any clue?

You should note that there are sub-genres that will lead to an artist being included in a top genre such as classical. For example, genres such as Film Score, Show/Musical, will result in a artist showing up in the classical genre. I find it particularly annoying that the genres Keyboard and Vocal also mean that the artists will show up as a classical artist. The former, in particular, means a large number of jazz keyboardists get a classical mention they shouldn’t have. I have tried to find some way to edit how these sub-genres are attached to larger genres but haven’t found the magic path to doing so.

My first experience with Roon had the software putting Shostakovitch in the Rap genre.:grimacing:

To be fair, both can often be in the “random noise” sub-genre. :wink:

Careful, you’re criticizing my go-to composer for my more somber moods.:slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, I have a love-hate relationship with him. Whenever I hear a piece I’m not familiar with that sounds like an intolerable cacophonous wall of noise my thought is “It must be post-modern American. Or Shostakovitch.” I’m rarely disappointed. :wink: Yet, every so often he wows me!

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I am experiencing the same issue. It surely would help if someone posted the trees that link sub-genre to each genre. My Mark Knopler albums got tagged as classical music.

Would this work for you?

Select genres -> classical.
Scroll down to sub_genres, choose keyboard
3 dots edit.
parent genre -> edit.

Choose a new parent or make it a top-level itself.

Brian, that Genre editor is only present when you have “Use genres extracted from file tags” set in the Import Settings.

If you only use the genres from Roon’s metadata database, then it’s not present.

Ahh, I’d forgotten that. Sorry and thanks

EDIT. Mind you, I’m not sure I see the reason Roon has it that way.

The built-in genre hierarchy of Roon is using the genre hierarchy of AllMusic. Click on a genre to see the page listing the relevant sub-genres.