Change the information Roon passes to Sonos

Reposting from Sonos area at member’s suggestion:

Hi, is it/could it be possible to change the information Roon passes to Sonos? At the moment, playing from Roon to Sonos speaker, in the Sonos Controller the track information almost seems obfuscated.

e.g. Beyonce Hold Up = Roon8eab501fe90f… (in Sonos Controller)

Can this be changed? Ideally I want roon to pass track name and album art so that Sonos API can use it.

Now if Roon had exposed APIs this may not be required but thats a different discussion…


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Me too. Sonos does not show the right Track titles. Seems like this should be a basic function that works.

Any help out there?

I’m going to just wildly guess here while I’m waiting for some unrelated thing to scroll past and finish on another screen…

To change the “title” of what’s playing would in Sonos require a track change. That would require synchronization between the Roon and Sonos track change and can be / probably would be problematic (gapless would break maybe). I assume Roon does it the way they do because 1) From the Roon Remote it makes no difference. 2) By sending 1 long, continuous, track to Sonos it provides for seamless playback within the Sonos system regardless of bit-rate, source, etc. on the Roon end.

While it looks a bit ugly and can be inconvenient from the Sonos side it makes things a lot more stable on the Roon side.