Change to current play count method

Different music services and pieces of software use different methods to determine what constitutes a ‘play’. I’m not certain exactly how Roon is doing this, but I’d like to argue that it should do it differently. I was listening to a song, paused it, and came back to it later. Listened to a little more (10% this time, 15% first time), paused again. This morning I listened to the remaining 75% of the song. Roon says this track now has 3 plays. No, it doesn’t, it has 1. As a listener who has an interest in my history and the evolution of my tastes (á la scrobbling), I would appreciate a little more accuracy from Roon. Maybe this is a bug, feel free to move the thread if that’s the case. Otherwise, I’m enjoying my music as much or more than ever, Roon helps me do that, and that’s what it’s all about! Thanks guys!