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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)*

My core system is a Windows 10 pro, Intel I 7 running with Roon.

No I implemented an additional ssd, OS is Windows Server ess. 2019. i downloaded Roon Server and tried to get it run. My before used display is a Apple iPad Shows a new core and after getting connected and fill in the asked account details I getting the information that my membership is not longer valid.

Any idea what to do?

B.r. From germany

Hi @dieter_cif,

Can you verify that you’ve followed the steps outlined here? Have you tried restoring a backup on the new Core machine?

Thx for quick answer.
Yes, I did.
I can‘t restore a backup, because Roon doesn‘t allow me to get in. After filling in my account name and password I always get the answer, my membership is not longer valid. But it works when I go back to OS Windows 10 and Roon. And, of course I closed Roon when I change to the OS Windows server with Roon server.

Hi @dieter_cif,

Can you please make sure that you are using the same email address that you have logged in with on your “All-in-one” install? You can check the associated address in Roon Settings -> Account.

If you have confirmed that you are using the same email address and you are still having issues, can you please private message me your Roon email address you are attempting to login with and I can ask our accounts team to check your account status?

Thanks it was helpful. The mistake was on my side. I used the wrong mail account. Roon server is Running.

But, I‘m using convolution filters. Now on my system only Roon server is installed. All the setting I have done via my I pad. Filter setting is not possible, only via computer.

How I’m able to get the filters in?


Hi @dieter_cif,

Glad to hear the account issue is resolved!

You can install the “All-in-one” version of Roon on a compatible PC and use it to remotely control your RoonServer instance, see Running Roon as a Remote Guide. Once you set up your convolution filters, I suggest that you create DSP Presets to easily change between them on iPad.

Now, system is running. Thank you.
Greetings from Bavaria

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