Change Un-Heart Action to Hollow Heart, not Ban Track

If you’re in Track view, and have clicked the heart button to only show favorited tracks, clicking the heart results in a Ban setting. I rarely go from Love to Hate in one step, and would prefer that it just Un-favorited instead. Anyone else think this makes more sense?

The favourite/ ban action is the same throughout Roon.

Ban doesn’t equate to ‘hating’ a track. It’s for preventing the track being played in automatic situations such as play album, album shuffle and radio.

Maybe I don’t get it but wouldn’t that require to separate :hearts: and :no_entry_sign: or else banning’s banned? So the feature request equals to “remove ban track”?


I’m not good at logic puzzles …

No, I like it as it is. One more click brings you to unhearted anyway.
I either like, or ban an album. I rather like an album, so I don’t mind I have to click 2 times to ban.
And although I can count to three, I prefer not to inorder to be able to ban an album/track


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You could then have favourite banned tracks. :slight_smile: See the problem with that?

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Yes, interesting. :grinning: I was wondering how I would ever get to ban something if hearted goes directly back to unhearted

Yes, I’m seeing the problem with my usually immaculate logic. :wink:

I was in Track View, and I had some songs that were duplicates; they were both “Hearted”; I wanted to de-heart the dupes, yet not stop them from playing if they were played as part of their album or some playlist. As soon as I de-hearted them, they disappeared from the list, which makes sense procedurally, but leaves them in the Ban state. Then you gotta hunt them down and de-ban them back to Open Heart. PITA.

I ended up putting them all in a temporary playlist and going through and click-wait-clicking the dupes. It only took about an hour.

@Martin_Webster How is Banning not at the very least similar to hating? It results in the track never playing unless you specifically choose it.

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I use ban when there are tracks that I don’t want to hear on radio or shuffle, for example so called hidden tracks with many minutes of silence or tracks with dialogue.

Also, I make use of hidden tracks. This is useful when the only album available on TIDAL is a rerelease with additional tracks. I hide these so only the original listing is shown.

BTW a banned track will play if it is part of a playlist.

Thanks. That’s interesting. I just use Ban to stop annoying tracks from playing, and I never hide tracks. I can see why you might want to, but I don’t. I have way too many albums/songs to fool around with much other than Love and Hate. I can just poke the Next button if something comes on that doesn’t suit me.

I tend to agree with you, @Andrew_Webb. If a track didn’t immediately disappear from the favourite tracks view, you would be able to toggle it directly from Banned to Unfavorite, without needing your workaround. Perhaps in this situation it would make sense if Roon by-passed Banned altogether…? This would then replicate the behaviour you get if you press-and-hold (iPad) a track and then select Unfavorite from the three-dots menu, which doesn’t invoke Banned. (Not sure why Roon would want to exhibit different behaviours for the same required action.)

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