Change volume by scrolling mouse wheel

Would be very convenient to be able to hover the mouse pointer over the Roon volume speaker icon then scroll the mouse wheel to increase/decrease volume.

I often change volume in Roon rather than have to reach behind me to adjust the volume knob on the amp.

At the moment you need to click the volume icon, then drag the slider, then click off to close the popup.



Yes… but I’m suggesting no need to even click the volume icon to popup the window… Just point to the volume icon with the mouse and scroll the mouse wheel to instantly increase or decrease the volume.


Can I suggest that you add your ideas to existing Feature request threads where they exist? Roon Labs pay attention to the posts, but they have said that additional use cases for existing ideas add weight.

Ok, I’ll add to existing posts.

And what if you´re using a group? Which device volume would change volume, A? B? I think the way volume works actually in the Roon interface is ok. Anyway, in my case, with Roon Core and the main endpoint in the same Windows computer, I just use the keyboard Vol+ Vol- buttons.

I don’t use groups but I guess increase/decrease all the outputs in the group.