Changed music location, backed up library, but no playlists showing

Have been using Nucleus+ for music storage. Will be using my macbook pro instead as core and music storage.

I have backed up the library when signed in to nucleus+.
Have then signed in using macbook pro as core.
It finds the music in the new location, as I pointed to the new location.

Then I wanted to restore the library to get my playlists. Roon reported a succesfull restore, but there are no playlists to be seen. I assume this is because of the new location of the music files?

How can I get around this issue?
Am on version 2.0, build 1353.


Have you backed up your Roon database?

Be sure to follow this guide, too.

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Thanks so much. Yes i did back up the database. But didnt find the “moving Roon to a new server” doc, so thanks for that! will study and hopefully get it all right! :slight_smile:

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unfortunately it not did not work following the migration document.

The playlists are not there.

The database was both successfully backed up and restored.
I backed it up while on the nucleus+ as storage.

Then I deactivated the nucleus+ and activated the macbook as core, went in settings to point storage to the folder on the hd on the mac, restored the database and Roon reported it was successful - but no playlists…

I anyone has the patience to hand hold me a little bit, i would be very very grateful!


Were the playlists created in Roon or imported .m3u playlist files?

they were created in Roon

Are you usingbthe same profile? Playlists are unique to each profile.

you mean Roon profiles? yes, i am using the same profile in Roon.

dunno what happened, must have done something right, but not sure what it was - but now it seems to be working :grinning:

Thanks for helping out and supporting!

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