Changed router to Fritzbox and lost Core on NUC

Hi, I recently changed my cable router to a Fritzbox 6591 model. This router is wired to an unmanaged switch which is connected to the NUC7i7 running ROCK. All remote terminals are hard-wired as well.

When I powered up the new router, all equipment connected via ethernet showed up, same as anything on the WLAN - except for my Core. Actually, I can see it on the network list but Roon cannot seem to pick it up. I should add that I never had an issue before and except for the Core, all is working just fine. My end points are essentially all Linn streamers and my control points are Mac OS and iOs.

Obviously I have restarted and rebooted a number of times without avail. Short of reinstalling Core on the NUC, is there anything obvious I am missing? Any assistance is highly welcome since I miss my Roon. Thanks.

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Thanks a million, Geoff.

Make sure you’re not using WiFi guest mode.
Experiment with IGMP settings in the Fritzbox.

Thanks. De-activated wifi guest mode and toggled multicast but no luck. Not quite sure why guest network matters since relevant equipment is all hard-wired. Nevertheless, with it gone still no Core in sight.

What IGMP and multicast settings do you see?

Didn’t you mention iOS (which normally rely on WiFi)?

Please power cycle your whole network, starting from the router, and especially the switch(es), and your NUC, Mac OS, iOS devices, etc.

OK, then perhaps if you could post a couple of screenshots, it might help with further diagnosis. First, a screenshot of what your FritzBox is showing as your network, and the network address of your ROCK/NUC. Something like this:

Then, using the network address shown for your ROCK/NUC, a screenshot of the Web Administration page of your ROCK/NUC. Something like this:

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Hello @Andreas_Weidlich, and thanks for your report! Geoff has the right idea here, some screenshots would be helpful! I’m also showing the latest OS version for your Fritzbox as 7.21, could you please try temporarily disabling software packet acceleration as noted in our networking best practices?

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