Changed to hifiberry dac2 hd but still shows dac+ in roon

I have replaced hifiberry dac+ to dac2 hd. However as the screen capture, it shows as dac+. Is this correct name shows? Or it supposed to shows as dac2 hd?

Anyone have the same issue?

The only Roon Ready devices from HiFiBerry are the Amp+, DAC+, and Digi+. What OS is running on the Pi? Does Roon report the correct settings under Device setup?

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Running on hifiberry os with dac2 hd. Maybe this is under dac+ category.

Same here… wonder if has any impact… i dont know about these things. Could it “run inferiorly” on the DAC+'s “instructions” or something?
Do you have any ideas/comments @Seok_Ju_Kang ?

Roon is querying the DAC, and this is how it identifies itself. If you have any concerns, check device settings with manufacturer’s specification.

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