Changed to new xfinity modem now Roon wont load

I cant get my ipad Roon app to load my music from my single box small green computer server, player since I installed new xfinity faster modem. Would love help.
ty, Nick

Can you give more specifics? Do you mean

  1. You try and run Roon and it does not connect to your RoonServer anymore
  2. You actually connect to your RoonServer, can choose music but the music is not playing?

But, from what you’ve said, a new router might have given everything a new IP address. All the items on the network, Iphones, iPads, computers might have to be rebooted to get a new IP address.

After rebooting everything, I would verify that everything on your network is on the same IP range, 192.168.XX.yy where the 192.168.XX are all the same, (XX being any number between 0 and 255). There is a mac app that many use called fing on the apple store to scan their network.

  1. is the problem Daniel.

Follow Daniels advice…

It may also download a network scanner such as “fing” to your iPad.
Then perform a network scan to see if the device running the Roon core can be seen.

The other issue might be who the new router handles multicast packets.
If you still have problems look in the routers setting to see what options it has.
If filtering is enabled try switching it off.

But start by rebooting all LAN connected device and then perform the network scan.

ty for all recommendations