Changed to QNAP NAS from direct attached storage, now have to force rescan

Core Machine

Intel NUC running ROCK.

Network Details

Cisco 2960 wired

Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio 851N

Description of Issue

Since changing from direct attached SSD’s to a QNAP NAS I now have to manually force a rescan as after three hours Roon still hasn’t seen anything new added, despite it saying it’s scanning in real time

changes will be picked sometimes later
if you need/want to see them right away… force rescan is your only bet: that’s how it works with NASes! :neutral_face:

I believe this may be a known issue (not sure if its certain roon version or qnap version/os) but I had been using qnap for several yrs and roon picked up changed immediately, never had to force rescan. I have since moved to a new core with direct storage (nothing to do with qnap).

I am on the latest versions on NAS and Rock

This is well known. Nas devices are notoriously bad at putting out updates to files to other operating systems. This happens in many apps using Nas as watched folders more so on Linux it’s not just Roon it affects have it with Plex. There is no way round it as Roon will only trigger an update if the operating system gets told files have changed . So it’s a manual scan or set Roons automatic rescan to be more regular it defaults to 4hrsm Roon strongly recommend not to use Nas shares at all due to this issue. Also you might find Roon polling your storage all the time which you may not want as it will stop your disks from going into standby.

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