Changed user account and sign on info in NAS now Roon can't find music file

I created a new user account, sign on, and password for my NAS.
I also disabled my previous account.
My music is still gin the same place in the NAS as it was before I made this change.
When I attempt to “choose a music folder” it tells me “error loading folder Not found”
The location is listed under “selected folder”
When I attempt to “add network share” with new NAS password and user name it just reverts back to displaying the location and the error message.
Please help.
Using a Nucleus plus connected to my NAS
Thank you

Hi @thomas_clark1, I’m not support but while you’re waiting…

What’s the make and model of the NAS please?

What happens if you revert back to the disabled account. Does everything work again or is there still a problem?

Answering these will probably speed things up.

thanks Ive actually been able to connect.
I used SMB this time to direct it and it worked.
My folder is now being scanned.
I hope i can load a backup as I have put in hours editing album titles/tracks
thank you for your reply

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