Changed Wifi router and now cannot access Roon Rock Core through iOS

Hi! I changed my aging Apple Extreme Wifi router to a Netgear 7000P and now I can’t find the Roon Core from my IOS devices.

My network setup it pretty simple: Xfinity router to 24 port Gigabit switch. The Netgear router and the Roon Rock NUC are both home runs to this switch. Before, no problem using the Apple Wifi router, but now the Netgear will not find the Roon Rock Core.

Is there a specific setting in the Netgear router I should be looking for?

Do I have to re-load the software in the Roon Rock?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Peter Truce

make sure your WIFI is on the same subnet range as the LAN…this is the most likely issue. an app like FING on iOS should be able to tell you the IP address it can see, if you don’t see the core then thats probably why. If you can get to the rock web GUI from iOS devices then you should be OK.

Also make sure your not using a guest wifi network as that normally is firewall out of seeing local machines too.

Reboot the NUC too in case its network address range has changed.

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Is the 7000P configured as access point only with DHCP service disabled?

Edit: After reconfiguration of 7000P, you need to power cycle everything connected to it, including WiFi devices.

Just reread your post…and Peter I think is on the right track. Your 7000 needs to be in bridge mode If it has such a thing. same setup as your APExtreme should have been using

Hi @Peter_Truce,

Wizardofoz and Peter are correct — you’ll want to make sure that your devices are on the same subnet, which will likely require your Netgear router to be in a bridge mode if it’s available on the device. You can use an app like Fing one of your remotes to scan the network and check the IP address and see which devices are visible.


Try rebooting the Roon Core to make it request a new iPad address. You shouldn’t need to reload software, and there are no secret settings - all your local devices should be set to DHCP.

Hi! Yes, I need to be on the same subnet. By just swapping in the Netgear router, I ended up with two local networks. Finally figured out that I had to configure the Netgear to be an “Access Point” rather than a router so it would take the Xfinity router as the DHCP server.

Thanks - problem solved!


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