Changes In ROON adding new tracks with move to NAS

MAC Pro (OS 10.14.5/Roon 1.6)

I recently moved my entire library (180,000+tracks) from a Drobo 5D (thunderbolt connected) to a Synology DS918+ NAS. On the Drobo when I would add new tracks they should show up in ROON virtually immediately. Since my move to the NAS they do not and it seems ROON has to scan my entire library to find the new tracks. The entire scan takes approximately 2 hours.
Is there a way to have ROON recognize the new tracks when added to the NAS to avoid the entire scan?

Hi @Wayne_Carter,

Just to clarify here, have you also moved your Roon Core to the Synology or just the media files? What is your current Rescan Interval set to in Roon Settings -> Storage -> Cogwheel next to NAS zone? If you set this to a shorter period of time, does it help?

I have left the Core set to my MAC Pro so no change there, just the media files have been moved. I have been experimenting with different intervals but they are all the same. My library is 6.7TB so it is a huge amount to scan each time. Should I move the core to the NAS?

Hi @Wayne_Carter,

Thank you for confirming the above info.

No, I don’t believe that this will help just quite yet. I wonder if the Roon is not able to pick up on these changes due to a networking issue.

Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of your router and any other networking gear and how both the Core and the NAS are connected in the setup? Is there any change in behavior if you connect both Core and NAS directly to the router via Ethernet as a temporary test?

I would also like to take a look at diagnostics when this behavior occurs, can I please ask you to let me know the exact local time + date (e.g. 3:13PM on 7/16/19) in your country when you:

  1. Add a new track to the NAS
  2. What you have your rescan interval set as
  3. When the media files actually show up (without performing the full library rescan)


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