Changing albums takes up to 2 min [Solved: Minimum Hardware Requirements not met]

Core Machine
MacMini 2009 w/ 8gb RAM and SSD. 100% dedicated to Roon, nothing else.

Network Details
Unify Dream Machine router. Core and roon endpoints wired. Music on NAS Sinology DS213+


Audio Devices
Nam ND5XS+Sonore UpNP Bridge // BlueSound Node2i


Library +140.000 songs of which 110.000 NAS and rest Tidal


When changing from album to album in Roon, it takes up to 2min for music to start playing. Happens across endpoints and own music vs. Tidal. Sometimes is worse, sometimes is better

Hey @Ricardo_Damborenea, it looks like your Mac Mini doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the Roon Core (you need at least an Intel Core i3, Ivy Bridge or later). This will be especially apparent with a library as large as yours, and what you’re experiencing sounds like expected behavior.

If you’re looking for an appliance that can manage 140k tracks, I’d recommend considering a Nucleus Plus.


A recent year macmini would also be a contender but if you use a M1 you might consider 16gb ram on a larger library

For what it’s worth, I have the same vintage of Mac Mini and I don’t have those same issues. However, my library is significantly smaller than yours. It may be that your system doesn’t have enough puff for a database of that size.

Thanks guys!. I ordered yesterday a new Mac Mini M1 8gb (before your advise @wizardofoz to boost RAM top 16gb. Hope it works well.).

Oddly, this issue didn’t happen with my old Mac Mini before Roon V1.8

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Assuming you purchased from an apple retail outlet of apple online then you have 2 weeks to return it no questions asked and could order a 16gb unit. 256G for the os and roon is ample assuming no local library on the same machine.

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