Changing Core Platform

My Issue:

My core machine is a 2017 13” MacBook Pro… and I have been using a new 15” iPad Pro tablet as a remote slave. My core MacBook has recently terminally crashed.

Can I establish my iPad as my new Core Machine?

If so how to I change over given that the MacBook is no longer accessible. I have my Roon password, etc, separately stored, and I have a lifetime membership.

Thank you,
Doug W.

You cannot run Roon Core on an iPad. It has to be a PC, Mac or Intel powered NAS. Windows, OSX or Linux. If your core is terminal you will need to buy one.

Thank you for your reply Henry. I have an HP that I rarely use and I will switch to that. Have a good weekend.


If you happen to have a backup of your Roon database available, you can follow this migration guide to move your database over.

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