Changing file format and updating database [Solved]

I have about 100 albums in one particular file format (ALAC) and want to change them to FLAC, converting using dbpoweramp. The files are in a watched folder on a NAS in [artist]-[album]- structure.

Once I convert, how can I update my roon albums? Not sure what the right process is without starting all over with a new library.

Of minor concern: will I lose (i suppose I will) any custom tagging I’ve done?

Thanks for any advice,

EVerytime I’ve changed format on an album, Roon has treated it as a new album and I have had to redo all the meta-data.

I advise you to follow the steps below:

  1. Close Roon
  2. Remove ALAC albums from the watched folder
  3. Convert ALAC to FLAC
  4. Move FLAC albums back to your watched folder
  5. Launch Roon
  6. Wait while Roon re-scan the watched folder.

Answering your question - yes, you will lose all edits you’ve done to these albums.


Thanks…perfect…exactly what I needed and worked like a charm.