Changing From External to Internal Drives [Answered]

Just need some tips. I was using a Drobo USB drive, but just bought two large (6tb) hard drives that I am going to be using internally instead. Using Windows 10 Pro.

My music was on d:\my music

I will be changing probably to E:\My Music 1 and F:\My Music 2.

Any tips on the best way to change my settings in Roon to avoid any problems?


Ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:

Give this a read and you should be all set.

I did everything like the FAQ said - all of my music files transferred over, but not the playlists. I had about 50 that I actually did in Roon and they are showing up, but there are no files in them (it says playlist is empty). I have a lot of playlists in a separate folder, which I have set up to be scanned (and did a force rescan) and they are not showing up in Roon at all. I actually manually edited a few of the .m3u files to point to the exact folder the files are in, but that didn’t work either.

I do see that I have 2 Roon profiles - John and J.R and I do have the shared folders turned on under playlists. Are the two profiles messing me up? Is the fact that I have two hard drives instead of 1 messing with my playlists.

I have been tinkering with this for several hours and cannot get Roon to see the correct playlists. Can you give me some advice?

Hi @John_Hill ---- Just touching base with you “here”, to let you know that I have seen your most recent response, very glad to hear that the music transferred over successfully :sunglasses:

Moving forward, in regard to the issue with your playlist, I will be addressing that via your post in the “support” thread.