Changing from LMS to Roon - reasonable?

I’m currently thinking about changing from LMS to Roon, maybe somebody can help me answer my questions. The answers I found so far have not revealed a complete picture to me.

  1. LMS is running on my Synology DS713+, replacing LMS with Roon should not be a problem, right?
  2. My 6 squeezelite clients (all based on raspberry pi with hifiberry DAC+) should work with Roon (both individually and synchronized), right?

The more complex questions:
3) I use jivelite on 4 out of 6 raspberries (with different touch-LCDs 3,5’’ to 7’’) to control LMS, (a) for music playback, (b) to select new tracks, © to select new radio stations, (d) to synchronise with other squeezelite clients. Is this all (a - d) possible with Roon or is there an alternative software for raspberry pi with touchscreen?
4) I hear a lot of Internet radio via LMS (tunein) and my raspberry squeezelite clients, is there Internet radio access via Roon possible?
5) I love / I often use “do not stop the music” earlier “SmartMix” is there something similar in Roon available?

I do not mind to change from squeezelite and / or jivelite to another software, as long as the features I need are available for raspberry PIs with touchscreen.

Any ideas are highly welcome!

The minimum CPU requirement for the Roon Core Server software is an i3 Intel CPU, that NAS is using an ATOM cpu, which is underpowered. It could work if you try it, just be aware it might not be up to snuff.


Roon allows you to enter your own Internet Radio stations. It does not have a find feature or tunein integration.

The other questions I cannot answer for you. Although, if you are using raspberry pis, the better option is to use Roon’s endpoint distribution system.

If you want to keep jivelite going just turn on Squeezebox compatibility within Roon and keep the pi’s running Squeezelite. might be worth a look…supports RAAT and LCD display of Album playing etc.

there is a dedicated thread for ropieee here under Audio Products section here

Yah, i’d switch the squeezelite endpoints to roonbridge if going to roon.

One thing to note is you can’t control Room as well via endpoints as with LMS pi’s and touchscreen. Currently the only way to get library support on a pi is to run it in a webrowser and have the web UI extension running on the Roon core. Roons been designed to be controlled from tablets and phones not the endpoints. It’s biggest weakness in my opinion. I switched from LMS at the beginning of the year and still miss the library abilities of jivelite having to always have your phone or tablet around to listen to music seems a little backwards to me but the interface is much better as is the recommendations. Internet radio is ok but needs work and compared to LMS iPlayer stuff for UK BBC is very limited.

I now use Ropieee on all my pis as its simple to setup and supports touchscreen for now playing and stop pause hopefully simple library stuff eventually.

Thank you very much for all your feedbacks.

OK, I will wait and see how Roon is going to develop in future.

To control Roon via my endpoints (raspberry + touchscreen) is very important for me. At least it should be possible to search and start a music track I have in my mind. AND to start / stop synchronisation with other endpoints. Only start and stop the music is not enough control for me. I do not like to have my phone or tablet all the time around me in order to listen to music.

I have a Squeezebox Touch Endpoint for Roon and a Touchscreen Pi for with PiCoreplayer and LMS for alternative listening. It was easier.