Changing from MacBook Pro to iPad to run Roon as a remote

No problems just looking for an answer. My system works fine now with on my iMac as the core. I’m using a QNAP NAS for library and my main listening is up in my office. My main system is down below my office about 25 feet. Right now I use the MacBook Pro as a remote to hook up the DAC downstairs, a Wyred4Sound DAC-2 DSDse. All works well but I’d like to get away from the MacBook and move to an iPad. What would be the best way to connect the DAC to the network? Use a USB to the upstairs(computer or router?), some kind of bridge device like Auralic Aries? I’m just not getting an answer on my own. Information overload or just a brain fart, not sure which.

Thanks for any forthcoming thoughts.


‘Best way’ is somewhat subjective. I use a Raspberry Pi 3 and HiFiBerry Digi+ running the Roon image. Works flawlessly for me, and extremely cost effective when compared to other options. I use an ethernet connection to the Pi so cannot comment on how or if a WiFi connection works.

Like you intend to do, I use an iPad as a control point (mini 3).


some sort of network bridge is the “best”… the hifiberry + rpi3 is an awesome choice if you already have a USB DAC.

you can also keep using the macbook pro and just add an ipad to the mix.

Thanks for the speedy responses. I get that the best way is subjective to achieve the goal. I’ve heard of the hifiberry+rpi3 but I confess in not knowing how to connect the pieces. The DAC is USB ready and had been my day to day DAC until I got a Yggdrasil for the office. The downstairs rig gets the benefit of DSD playback thru the W4S DAC. Any suggestions on the network bridge?

I’d recommend a Raspberry Pi2 if you have the luxury of wired LAN, otherwise Pi3. @RBM has created a great guide for setting up one of these, and i am sure anyone capable of posting on a public forum can also follow that guide! :wink:
You get really good results with these and controlling with iPad is flawless.
(using the same setup meself…)
Oh, just assuming the W4Sound DAC has a compatible USB reciever port though? Does it crave drivers when connected to your Mac? If not you should be alright.
Atb Mike

Thanks for the input. Will check it out after thanking grand kids for logging me in😜.

Is it possible to simply connect a USB 2.0 A to B cable from either computer or router down to the 2nd DAC?

Not to the router, it will only accept mass storage devices and possibly printers.
To the computer, yes, should be just fine and available through the Roon interface as an output device immediately.
(If you have a Roon controller/server/endpoint on it)

Atb Mike

Mike, thanks for the feedback. Got the set-up to work with USB A-B but it was flaky. Roon kept losing contact and I speculate it had more to do with the fact I had to use an extension to the USB for the length needed. I’ll have a shorter run with a single USB (15 feet or so) when I get someone out to run the wire directly downstairs.


Okay, for me, the maximum length for an USB cable is 2ft! All further lenghts seems to lose clarity and focus and sound “digital” but of course, this is all in my head and absolutely subjective! :wink:
Lets hear how you get on with your progress!
Atb Mike

Same feeling here. Just checking to see about the connection and if it works which it does. The problem will be the delivery system. I’d rather be hard wired to the main system rather than wifi if I can since it really is so close.


Run a network (ethernet) cable from the router (upstairs) to a Raspberry Pi solution (downstairs) as suggested previously. Long runs of USB cable are problematic, CAT5/6 ethernet cable is good for 100M/328 ft…

Thanks again for the suggestion on Raspberry Pi. I’ve got the CAT 6 cable for it just need to get the Pi. Based on the website there is some program download involved? Didn’t look real close as too many other things going on at the time.



Yes… the Raspberry Pi (RPi) solution is not turn-key. If you are not inclined to downloading RPi image files, imaging SD cards and doing some (minimal) hardware assembly then the may be an option for you.

If you did want to try the RPi route I would be happy to walk you through the steps. Off line from the forum would be best to avoid clutter. A more direct communication would be beneficial to the process.

I think I’m going to try the Pi route as if it’s a inexpensive way around the more expensive 'bridge" route. My DAC is a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDse, so I guess at this stage I just need to know if I order Pi 2 or Pi 3 and do I need a Digi+? I’d love to pick your brain on this so let’s set up a contact outside the forum.

Time wise I’m in Colorado(MDT).


Sent you a PM Joe…