Changing primary artist links

I’m having a somewhat related issue. I add a Primary Artist Link, uncheck the artist that I do not want referenced and change the Album Artist to the same artist I identified in Primary Artist link, but cannot eliminate the original incorrect artist from showing under All Tracks performed by…

Hi @John_Wimer,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?


Here you go! Thanks for your help with such an insignificant problem.

Hello @John_Wimer, you’ve removed Bowie from the main album data, but he’s still assigned at the track level. In this case, for every track.

This KB article talks about bulk editing…

Select all your tracks (right click or long press on one, then select all in the “1 selected” drop down). Now click on edit, edit the tracks, and edit metadata. You’ll see Bowie listed in the credits and can remove him (and add Dave Jones if you wish).

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Thanks Brian. I didn’t know there was a way to edit each track. I am good to go and will note for future edits.


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