Changing roon full install to server only on Windows?

Is this possible? Any benefit? Any tips? I read a little about it in the KB, but didn’t understand a couple of things. Is it possible to keep the existing library, or to restore a backup? Do I need to uninstall the full roon setup first? Thanks for any tips, guidance, etc.

I like having the full blown Roon core software on my Dell laptop just in case my Nucleus dies and I need to send it in for repair.

Thanks for your perspective.

Anyone else done this (changing core to server, keeping library)? Any benefit? Any tips?

I did. I run my pc mostly headless and use Roon on my iPhone to control playback.

I had several instances with “full Roon” where the Roon Control ended up consuming all memory resources on my machine and required a reboot.

The issue was that I had to have Roon control open for it to operate as the core, so the fancy UI was just wastefully consuming resources.

Since switching to Roon Server it’s been rock solid, and happily auto-starts in the background on restart.


I am currently troubleshooting an issue where by backups are failing, just waiting for Support to get back with some help.

Not sure if this relates to my migration to Server as I don’t recall exactly when I updated the system and when backups started failing.

Thanks so much for the report. This helps.

Ok, so I followed the instructions to rename the Roon folder to RoonServer, downloaded and installed the server, and everything worked as advertised. Seems faster, too.

One oddity. When I tried to uninstall roon (the full version) I get a windows error saying it can’t find the uninstall program, which was apparently in the roon folder that got renamed.

No big deal, except windows still thinks roon is installed.

Er, where did you find these instuctions? Seem a bit bizarre to me; not what I would have done. I would simply have downloaded Roon Server and installed it alongside the full Roon.

Edit: - OK, found this in the KB. Still seems bizarre to me - and no doubt the reason why the uninstall process is screwed.

Yes, thought it was weird, too. And yes, that’s why the uninstall broke. I guess the point of doing it this way is to save having to restore the database to the new server instance. Shortcuts always seem to come back and bite you.

Can you uninstall by going into Control Panel - Programs?

Nope. The registered uninstall program is moved. Don’t want to manually run it because I’d be worried it would mess up something with the server install. If I get too annoyed I’ll backup, uninstall server, reinstall roon, uninstall it, reinstall server and restore the database. Should have done that in the first place.

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Yes, I think so too. And agreed that the shortcut has simply introduced a further complication. It would be better to have both Roon and Roon Server installed temporarily during the changeover. And in fact you can leave both installed and use the full Roon as a Remote to control the server, as suggested at the end of this article here.

I guess this response probably made no sense since the Roon server runs Roon core.