Changing service from TIDAL to Qobuz

Tunemymusic is free.
Yesterday I have transfer my favorites Qobuz in Tidal. It’s very fast.
Soundizz is not free.

You never had any albums unless you own the physical media or purchased a download. You just lived in a world of illusion.

I recently changed from Tidal to Quobuz using Soundiz for $5. It worked extremely well to transfer my albums and playlists. I did a compare and and found some albums that didn’t come across, about 10%. Of those, only 4 were of real interest anymore so I tracked down physical copies. Still got more music to stream than I can really listen to. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

I tried Soundiiz when I got a subscription to Qobuz, and it was a nightmare for me. I got a lot of partial albums, and many didn’t transfer at all, Despite paying for it, I ended up spending hours and hours, not only transferring the albums and songs that didn’t work, but undoing the thousand mismatches. I’ll never use it again.

Hi Friend,

The actual issue here is that you just don’t know what to do (This is not a ROON problem…) which is why you came posting here.

This solution is easy. Do the following.

  1. Use Soundizz for 5 bucks once off. Don’t be stingey when you pay for streaming and roon already.
  2. Match everything between Tidal and Qobuz, sort through any missing and source them as local files and re-add.
  3. Alternatively/Potentially use the link posted above to export all your ROON albums, playlists, songs, everything into excel files and import into soundizz to match them to Qobuz. That way all your local files are also matched in qobuz moving forward.

This process is actually really easy and automated, fantastic tools to simplify a huge change.

Any favorite ‘love heart’ tracks may not come over, but that’s life. Not a big deal. It’s possible roon is smart enough to re-mark these tho on the qobuz album equivalent.