Changing the Clock color

Can I change the color of the clock RoPieee displays on the RPI touchscreen? My entire Audio set has blue led’s, when setting the RoPieee clock color to blue I have a light-blue font. I would like to change that into a more darker blue color to match the rest of the set colors.

Hi Ron.

Have you tried adjusting the screen brightness? I found this to help match other blues (eg turning it down).

The blue option is “LED Blue”, BTW.

I’ve tried all sorts of brightness and there doesn’t seem to be anything that is a darker blue…more like light teal at best. Would love a much darker blue. Like #0000FF @spockfish

Is there anything in /etc/ropieee.conf that might give us some hope…I’m traveling for the next 24hrs so don’t have access to a ropieee build.

Screen brightness does not help, I’ve tried that. What do you mean by the “LED Blue” option? I don’t see that option in the clock color-setting. It’s what being said in the other reply, thje font color should be like #0000FF, or even better, customizable via the webinterface or /etc/ropieee.conf

The two options “Blue” and “Green” refer to #5DFC0A and #05EDFF respectively, I believe. I use the green option for my displays, with good success. I am grateful for these colour options.

I’d suggest adding a comment to the RoPieee feature requests thread, perhaps, for Harry’s consideration?

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