Changing the Roon Core from a MS Surface to a PC

Hello Roon Support,

My CD collection has been ripped into the Cocktail X45’s HDD. Currently, I set my MS Surface to be the Roon Core, however now Roon states ,‘‘It looks like one of your storage locations could be offline. Go to Storage settings and make sure everything is connected.’’ I think it would be a better idea to use my PC as the Roon Core. So far the ripping of 800+ CDs onto the X45 and accessing everything though the MS Surface has worked out well until I got the “It looks like one of your storage locations could be offline…” message.

I plan to configure the system as follows:

  • Cocktail X45 as the storage/player device playing through my Home Theater AVR
  • PC as the Roon Core
  • Use the MS Surface Tablet as my “remote control” to operate they system

So now how to sort-out how to change the Core to the PC, I’ve read through the voluminous topics here and see bits and pieces of how to accomplish this, however, no true step-by-step process for (what I hope) is an easy change.

I definitely do not want to loose or corrupt all of the 800+ collection stored on the Cocktail X45.


Hi @Walt_Lederle,

I would suggest looking over these articles:
Migration Knowledge Base Article
Preserve Edits Guide

After following the migration guide, you’ll want to specify the location of your media in Roon Settings -> Storage to point to the X45. If you run into any specific issues, please do share a screenshot.

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