Changing tidal account makes tracks unavailable

We recently changed to using a different Tidal account. We never interacted with Tidal other than through Roon.

What we noticed, having made the change, was that virtually all of the Tidal listings in our history are marked ‘unavailable’:

The thing is that (mostly) they are available, in fact we’re playing it here (having found it through the library):

We don’t actually use Tidal that much but it’s really annoying to lose things from our history that we might want to revisit:

Some tracks do appear to have become unavailable because the album has apparently disappeared from Tidal:
For example bladerunner in our history:

Clicking on the album produces a blank screen with an error:

…and you can’t find it through Tidal.

Anyone seen similar and is there a way to get the history to re-scan tidal?