Changing Tidal account

With Roon, I have 500+ albums from my own cds and another 500+ albums from tidal so far. I wanted to create a different tidal account which i did. when i log out of my original tidal account and log in to my new tidal account i lose the 500 tidal albums i had. I dont want to start over. is there a way to get those back easily?

Maybe you could use SongShift app and copy them to another provider and then back to your new Tidal account.

Contact tidal they may be able to help.

This is probably the most useful support link:

There is no possible to register an TIDAL album of given artist to your roon library/account? Why we cannot store information like ? Changing account in tidal in some special cases (using 4$ account for 5 next months for new user) and migrating data is rather “archaic” if you can manage your links…yes?

Create a playlist in your old account with all your Tidal tracks or albums (assuming they’re not already in playlists) and use Soundiiz to copy those playlists to your new account.

Thanks for replay. Sure…we can walk around it. I mentioned about “migrating data”. I know that I don’t understand how Tidal-Roon API works but it looks like it should be possible to store in Roon information what albums you like. According to reasoning: Roon can have a tool similar to Soundiz to generate TIDAL-like playlist stored in your local user data.

Hi, I have a questions re: migrating Tidal accounts and playlist/tags. I have started a Tidal family plan to stop the sharing of one account between myself and my father. I have used Soundiiz premium to transfer all of my artists/albums and playlists to the new Tidal account.

When linking Roon to the new tidal account, all my Tags and Playlists are empty, despite all of the albums being in my library.

Is there a way to have these populate too? Tags are my most used feature and I’d love to get them working with my new account.