Changing to a new SSD

I have my library stored on my MC200 and for Roon on a WD HDD. When I originally exported from the MC200 to the WD the process stopped. I restarted it and wound up with a bunch of duplicates on the WD. It took hours to clean it up on Roon. Now the WD HDD is making some ominous clicking sounds so I bought a new Samsung portable SSD. My plan is to remove all the watched folders and the WD HDD, plug the SSD in it’s place and import from the MC200 to the SSD. Finally I’ll set up a single watched folder. Anything wrong with this process?

Hi Ken, just to check that everyone understands your setup correctly, am I right in thinking that you are only talking about music files here, and not your Roon database ? The MC200 has your music archive, but no watched folders, and the WD HDD has copies of that music in watched folders ?

If so, then deleting watched folders on the WD HDD and establishing new ones on the SSD will probably result in reanalysing all your music. How big is your local library ?

If that does not fuss you and you don’t have extensive existing edits or playlists that you want to preserve then I would be inclined to uninstall and delete the Roon Core (make a backup though, just in case) and reinstall Roon afresh after setting up the SSD as you want.

If you want to avoid re-analysing or have edits and playlists you want to preserve, then let us know and we’ll step through the best way to do that.

Correct, the WD HDD has all the watched folders. My library is 520 albums. Last night I exported from the MC200 to the SSD and set up the SSD as a watched folder. Roon Core is still running on my desktop. Along the way I lost 18 albums, most Tidal I think. I also set up my new iPad pro 12.9 as a remote. Very nice.

I had been, and still am, running Sooloos. It looks like my editing got through OK. I didn’t set up any playlists so nothing lost there. I unplugged the WD HDD from my desktop but so far haven’t deleted those watched folders but obviously they are showing “not available”. Are you saying I should not delete them?

My next step is to switch the core to a Sonic Transporter i5. I’m still not clear on exactly how to do that. Is there any reason now to uninstall and reinstall Roon Core now?

The WD HDD still has my files so it can serve as a temporary backup but as I said in my first post it’s making noise and is probably on its way out.

No reason not to delete them as watched now you have the music in watched folders on the SSD.

This KB Page sets out how to shift your Core to a new computer.