Changing to new storage device on ROCK/NUC

Question rather than issue. Tried finding answer in community forum and KB to no avail, so…

I currently store my media files in a watched folder on an external hdd connected to my NUC/ROCK (details in gear/setup description below). This hdd also holds the folder for my database backups.

All is well but I am planning to upsize from a 2T to 5T hdd. So, should I

(A) power down the NUC and remove the hdd so I can use my computer to simply transfer my watched folder and backup location onto the new hdd, then reconnect to the NUC and power it up? Will ROCK find automatically recognize the location of the files on the new hdd? Will scheduled backups go to the backup location already identified?

(B) add the new hdd via the second usb port on the back of the NUC and transfer the watched media folder and designated backup folder to the new hdd? Will both drives show up under …\data\storage? Will ROCK OS crash in the time when two identical locations hold watched and backup folders?

(C) Is there some other way to do this correctly?

If this process is explained in a KB entry, please refer me to it. I have reviewed the related KB articles on importing files, etc. but I cannot decipher how to apply this information to simply transferring all my files and database backups to a new drive to replace one already in use on NUC/ROCK.

Thanks for your patience!

Here’s my setup:

Core Machine

  • ROCK 1.8 b795
  • NUC8i5BEH (256KB SSD; 8GB RAM)


  • Windows 10 on i7 laptop
  • Kindle Fire HD10 with Roon app
  • Moto z3 with Roon app


  • ARRIS (Xfinity) TG1682G cable modem router
  • Ethernet to NUC (music files and database BU folder on WD Passport HDD to NUC via USB)
  • Wifi to (2) SB Touch endpoints (w/EDO mod)

Relevant Audio Devices

  • Yamaha RX-V 863 (via toslink optical from Touch; using Yamaha native DAC)
  • Altec desktop audio (via rca from Touch; using Touch native DAC)

Library Details

  • 3140 music files stored on 2T external HDD (WD Passport on NUC)
  • 1369 music files selected on qobuz service

Sounds like (A) should work as long as the new drive has the same path and file structure/names.

Buy a QNAP NAS. They’re great.

This KB article seems to cover your situation:

Oh! Hadn’t seen this one. Perfect. Thanks @Geoff_Coupe!