Changing username on the forum

Many thanks. I actually saw that instruction, but now realize I looked in the wrong place.


I cant seem to be able to edit mine…

Hi @Fernando_Fuentes,

I think user name isn’t editable, but name should be. You don’t currently have anything entered in the name box. Best course now is to leave a post in this thread with preferred username. Mods will effect the change.

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I had that issue… a quick ping to @Eric and he not only managed to sort out my name/user but changed it and it even was done on the fly, didn’t even have to re-login IIRC … this forum system is pretty flexible it seems.

I edited the topic a tad from Done to I don’t :slight_smile:


Please @andybob change my user name to “SonicYouth95” or something similar if necessary. Thank you :smiley:

Done !

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i went into prefs and can’t edit my user name…just want jc for username shown please

Hi joe,

Minimum user name length in Discourse is three characters. I’ve changed you to j_c if you like that.

sure thanks.

Please @andybob would you be as kind as to change my user name to orbscure - many thanks in advance my fiend :slight_smile:

@done. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks RBM :smile:

Please change mine to Mads, thx :smile:

Hi @Mads :slight_smile:

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Please change my username to ‘thegentlesurprise’ thanks!

@thegentlesurprise all set

(the “name” field is editable for you)

Awesome, thanks!

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Could you please change my username to ‘Thierry’?

‘Thierry’ is not available – there’s a different user with that name. For now, I’ve changed yours to @Thierry_M – but let me know if you’d like it to be something else.

Please change my name to just Njål or Njal.
Even with just my given name and my middle name the only persons you will find are my grandfather (who I am named after) and me.